CHANGE Lab Texas A&M University

CHANGE Lab Members from Left to Right: Whitney Howie, Danielle Porter, Samantha Philip, Caitlyn Maye, Dr. Thurston


To create a world with equitable health for all.


The primary objectives of our lab are to examine health disparities in minoritized populations (across intersectional identities of race, gender, class, and sexuality) with particular focus on adolescents, young adults, and their families. We aim to use this knowledge in the development of culturally-responsive interventions that promote health, wellness, and self-empowerment. The CHANGE Lab also aims to reach our objectives by developing and advancing programs that increase the recruitment, engagement, and retention of individuals who are underrepresented in the scientific workforce via training in health disparities and health equity research.


Our approach considers the intersectionality of multicultural identities and is primarily guided by Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) principles, syndemic theory, and socioecological framework. Our core research areas examine: 1) Psychological, Physiological, and Cardiometabolic health of youth with high body weights, and 2) Co-occurring adversities (i.e., syndemics) of HIV, partner violence, and substance use.Our goals are to reach and serve diverse populations who have been underrepresented in research and treatment, including racial and ethnic minorities, immigrants, sexual minorities, women, and those with limited access to resources and mental health services.

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