URA Led Research Projects

SRW 2023

Madeline & Karina

Madeleine and Karina explored the relationship between SAVA count, resilience and psychological symptoms in caregivers and found that lower SAVA counts were related to decreased psychological symptoms, and higher resilience was also related to lower SAVA count!

Amanda & Sofia 

Amanda and Sofia explored the relationship adverse child experiences (ACEs) and sexual risk behaviors among mothers. They found that higher levels of ACEs was associated with greater sexual risk in adulthood. Sexual orientation was not related to sexual risk behaviors in adulthood. 


Anika explored the relationship between youth perceived community cohesion and parent-child communication. This relationship was significant, with parent-child communication being positively associated with perceived community cohesion. 

Hope & Charlize

Hope and Charlize examined the relationship between depression and stress on resilience in the context of multiracial young adults. They found that lower rates of both depression and stress are associated with high  levels of resilience!